22 September 2008


So posts have been slow for the last week. I know, but I have a good reason why:

My iMac is sick. She might be dying (gasp!). This makes me so very sad. And nervous... there's lots to be lost on that there iMac. Anyway, send her your get well wishes and toss out your magic computer fixing vibes to the Mac-Fix-It-Guy in town. I'll be back up and running, hopefully, soon.

In other news... Swiss left again. I am bummed out as usual. It boggles my mind how the leaving never gets easier, no matter how much you practice. But the week together was great... he'll be home again soon, this time for a month before the dreaded PCS... and that's a whole 'nother story. But hey, let's not forget the wedding in 3 weeks!

This is the soon-to-be Mrs. Swiss signing off... have a great week Internets!


Anonymous said...

Hope your little Mac gets better soon! Prayers on the way!

Anonymous said...

Hoping your Mac has a speedy and full recovery.

Sorry? You're kidding, right? I still haven't posted vacation updates with pictures or my SpouseBUZZ trip and they've already completed another one.

THREE WEEKS?!?! Will throw giddy into full effect just.for.you. :)

Be well and we'll be here when all is right with your world.

Butterfly Wife said...

I think I might die if I didn't have my MacBook. I hope yours gets better real soon.

Tucker said...

Thanks Ladies for the well wishes... my mac and I appreciate it! I'll keep you posted... fingers crossed!