08 July 2009

LiveBlogging the PCS: Part 5

Also know as: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

The good? The house is officially on the market. Papers are signed and we are off 'n running.

The bad? Having to keep the house spotless, smelling fresh (aka: not like dog) and organized.

The ugly? Best case scenario means we will have to bring $3000 to closing.

I understand that this is what we are choosing. I understand that the market is bad. I understand that since we've only been paying on the mortgage for 2 years the amount we owe is too much to really make a profit. But it sucks because we have an adorable house, in a good & desirable neighborhood, we updated the kitchen, it is a gem. And we are still going to be out money on this deal. Aaah, the joys of PCSing.

We do not qualify for the HAP program. Missed it by a few months. We don't want to rent because a) we are going to be 1,200 miles away which is too far to keep tabs on a tenant or be good landlords and b) we have zero intention of living here when he retires. Too much drama and baggage. So that leaves us with taking the hit, sucking it up, and praying for the best.

So cross your fingers and wish us luck! Also, let me leave you with one little tidbit of useful information: When filling out your Power of Attorney before a deployment, if at all possible, have your significant other sign off on ALL items, even if you think they don't/won't apply to you or your situation, because you never know what obscure state laws might trip you up. Not that I would know or be in a complete panic or anything.

And hey, PCS... just so you know... we aren't going to be friends when this is all over. Mmkay?

UPDATE: I (by I, I mean Swiss and my parents and I) decided to up the listing price by 5K for the time being to see what kind of offers, if any, we get. I don't know how it will all pan out, but I figure that if someone is interested, they will just lowball an offer and we can negotiate from there. Swiss is totally unconcerned about the potential $3000 loss, which is keeping my inner panic from turning me into someone who is obviously, outwardly unhinged.


Tsoniki Crazy Bull said...

Good luck! I hope you get someone soon cause keeping it clean constantly seems to get annoying...a little anyway. LOL

liberal army wife said...

I'm about to list again. way under value. and probably looking at a short sale... anything to get out from under this house.


Tucker said...

LAW- I'm sending good Real Estate Karma your way too! Fingers crossed! :)

Kanani said...

Ugh. I hate selling houses. Sorry about the loss on your house. That truly sucks. I think you're making the right choice. It's not an area either of you are enamored with, hence, why bother to keep it?

Anyway, here's to a quick sale and no doggy smells when you have open house.