07 August 2009

Mrs. Doubtmired.

Okay, that title is waaaaaaay more dramatic than I feel. So don't panic. Lord knows I'm not. It was just sort of catchy.

Aaaaanyway... I'm feeling relieved and relatively relaxed about this whole thing now. Only when I went to sign the papers today, my agent said something like this: "Gosh, it is just such a shame you had to pay out of pocket for this. That other guy who made the very first offer... well, I don't know." Wha??? Stop freaking me out! I was cool with this! Now you go all trailing off about the other guy who might have made a decent offer maybe? Party Foul.

To be fair, she did say that what we sold it for wasn't bad for the market we are in. I think maybe she just hoped we could have gotten more (ME TOO LADY!). To which I say, then why didn't you tell me to hold out for more? This is your business! So now I am all conflicted and slightly worried and now the seed of doubt that wasn't in my head has been planted and is already sprouting. Again, Party Foul. I hate this part where you weren't concerned, but now you are because someone said something off the cuff without regard to the fact that you just singed a legally binding contract. But it is all good. I'm doing the duck thing, you know, where you drink a lot of wine and let it all roll off your back.

I'm chalking that $1,000 up to a) not having to keep the house pristine anymore, b) the giant sigh of relief seeing as how this is "done", c) the satisfaction of checking one HUGE thing off the list and being able to move on to the other things (PPSO!!!) and d) not having to think about anything pertaining to real estate for at least a few years. And Swiss is less worried/stressed for me, and that is a good thing too. Do I sound like I am justifying the heck out of this to myself? Probably. (Shh! It's because I AM!) But bottom line is, it is done. We can move on and start to focus on all the good stuff waiting for us.

And the rest of you? Don't any of you DARE plant any more seeds of doubt. There isn't enough wine in the county to fix it if you do.


Bette said...

Seller's remorse. Pay no attention to it! I'm confident that you did the best thing.

Tucker said...

THANK YOU! When I realized that I got like $8,000 back in taxes for the house last year, I realized that I am still up $4,500 after the kitchen remodel and this. PHEW! All good... thanks for the boost Lady!

Slightly Salty said...

I'd say just roll with it at this point. You offered more than enough justification for accepting things as is and honestly it's better to be done with it now. In this market, it's hard to know when to be picky about offers and you did the best you could so put it behind you and have some wine. :)

Ash said...

if you drink so much wine that you stumble, do you dunk yourself, since you're a duck? :)

liberal army wife said...

to get that load of your mind - priceless. believe me.