23 August 2009

Decidedly distracted.

Okay, I'm gonna say it: I'm sorry. I know this is my blog and my space and all that jazz, but it wouldn't be half as fun if it weren't for you, dear readers, so I'm sorry I have been so absent and un-posty as of late.

But, I swear I have a good excuse. Wanna guess? Okay, it is 3 letters that stand for an oxymoron. Wha? How did you guess so fast??? Yes, yes it's the PCS. Was it THAT obvious? Oh, of course it was. Sigh.

I am relieved that the house is sold and that I have my notice in at work. So my stress levels are way, way down which is an excellent thing. However, the stress has now been replaced by endless, incessant and all-consuming planning. My mind, literally, cannot rest. ...What comes with me? How many basic items will I need before our stuff gets there? What goes to our in-laws for later transport to Fort X? Do we buy the car now or later? How will I pack things into the truck in winter? Don't forget to take the truck in for a tune up. How many times will I have to pack, load, unpack and reload this stuff? Where will I go if we don't move into housing now? Ooh, go get more storage totes because they will fit in the pickup bed better. When do I move into housing? Don't forget, they need 45 days notice. What if I get that job? Will I have 45 days to give notice? Where do I spend the holidays? Where do we spend R&R? Check into extended stay hotel rates. What will we do with all our stuff when we are homeless and on R&R? Will the dog sit in the front or the back on the way down to Fort X? Oh yes, must get Fletcher microchipped... THIS is what it is like inside my brain right now.

And that is why I can't come up with anything coherent to post other than something along the lines of "OHMYGOD! Whydowehavesomuchstuff!" and "HOW did we end up with 10 TABLE LAMPS?" and "Duuuude. My stuff outnumbers and outweighs Swiss's by a factor of 12 to 1. Whoa." So please forgive me, hopefully these things will all fall into a nice and tidy plan and I can get back to thinking about things like Sitar Hero, starting up Couch to 5K (because watching my husband's butt for 5K is the best motivation I can think of) and how much I like wine.


The Army Wife said...

and as we know, the wine is the most important part! :)

silver star said...

You sound overwhelmed, I'm sorry to hear that. I will hope that you find peace. The only suggestion I can provide is baby steps, try to do a little something everyday, whether it be scheduling Fletcher to get chipped, or going through a small amount of stuff and deciding to give away part of your wardrobe or other belongings. Like The Army Wife said, wine is important.

Ash said...

mmm wine. oh. and why the hell do you have 10 table lamps? do you even have that many tables? you make me giggle.

Tucker said...

Yes! WINE! And Ash, I HAVE NO IDEA how we got 10 table lamps. And no, we do not have that many tables. It BOGGLES the mind! Glad you are laughing with me on this one!!!

I'm not so much overwhelmed as just trying to figure out this gigantic jigsaw puzzle... only on a deadline! We will get there, sooner or later!

Thanks Ladies for all the support and for encouraging my wine habit! :) Y'all rock!!!

loquita said...

The 12 to 1 ratio was totally true of LT and I the first time we PCS'ed too. When he saw the nearly-empty house suddenly full of my stuff, I think his eyes practically bugged out of his head. Poor guy! Gaining my stuff was probably a bigger adjustment for him than gaining a dependent/spouse. :-p

Carry on, you will get the puzzle put together, and feel free to whine til you do! :)

As for watching my husband's bum, I *wish* I ran fast enough to stay behind my hubby's behind for a whole 5K! :-p

Slightly Salty said...

Me being anal retentive, I'd go for making up lists of all these things so you at least don't forget stuff. :)

liberal army wife said...

Salty is right - lists. get a notebook, carry it with you and jot down all those little thoughts... when you get some time, catalog them! Get a binder with paper and plastic document holders - I know you prefer your computer and you'll use it, but a paper copy of it all is invaluable - what happens if the power is off, or they have a question that can't get answered by powering up and trying to remember where you put it all. That binder never leaves your hands/bag/desk.

Be ruthless - get rid of stuff you realize you won't need, but don't forget, somethings are precious for the memories as well.

Yes, get Fletcher chipped, make sure all his shots are up to date and get a complete copy of all his vet paperwork. There's one doc protector filled up.

and give yourself enough time to pack. take how long you think it will take - and double it. SRSLY!