14 June 2009

LiveBlogging: The PCS, Part 3

Okay, so clearly the numero uno priority in the Tucker & Swiss household is the PCS. What happens in any good PCS? Houses are sold. And what happens when you live in a house for 2 years and gain a husband? You get lots of stuff. LOTS. So that is what my wonderful Mom and I did this week/weekend. We cleaned, we organized, we purged, we edited, we rearranged, we painted, we trimmed and we packed. We got that sucker ready.


Tiring, but awesome. And my Mom, bless her, kicked some serious arse while I was working last week. And this weekend we put the hurt on the rest of the STUFF and got the house looking smashing. That woman has got to have Super Powers. (Lucky me, I'm an only child so I can be the sole beneficiary of her awesome powers!)

We even went out and bought the new counter tops, dishwasher, faucet and all the necessary things to install them. So exciting! And my brother-in-law is coming over tonight to get the old dishwasher uninstalled (thankfully Lowe's is willing to take the old one and dispose of it for us, which is excellent!). If all goes as planned (knock on wood) we will have the house ready to be put on the market the week after the Fourth of July. w00t!

The next things on the list? Finish organizing our wardrobes/closets. Remodel the kitchen. Spruce up the living room. Clean windows and give the house a spiffing up before the big day. Not too shabby, right? I feel SO much better about this whole process now that we got so much done. I doubt I would be even a quarter as far along as we are if it weren't for my awesome Mom. Sorry folks, she's not for hire!

I'll keep you all posted on the kitchen remodel and the word from our Realtor. Happy Monday everyone and THANKS MOM! :)

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