06 August 2009

LiveBlogging the PCS: Part BOOYAH! Or 8.

And no, I am not shitting you (really, what does that mean?). Sweetness!

But can I just say this: Pfft. Don't want to do that again in a really, really long time. I mean a reeeeally long time.

The lowdown? We will end up having to pay around $1,000 out of pocket. Which sort of feels like 'a lot', but Swiss and I are both okay with it and the peace of mind for having this done with and squared away is totally worth that amount. As is not having to keep it spotless for the next 2 months and the risk of having to lower it even more if no other legit offers come. He gave us full asking price, but we are paying $3,000 towards closing. So that brings us close, but not quite, to the magic number of not owing anything. I figure that since we only owned it for 2 years and are selling it in a bad market, this is a pretty good situation for us. So, YAY!

And for those of you keeping score, it was the dude from the "letter" in part 7.5 who started out waaaaay low and was "shocked" at my first (and reasonable) counter offer. I guess he came to his senses and decided to make a grow'd up offer and play the game like he meant it. So I gave a little, he gave a little. I have no house, he has a house. Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

I am still a little nervous and apprehensive and not ready to get all "ZOMG! WE SOLD THE HOUSE! GET OUT THE CHAMPERS!!!" yet. I suppose I will feel that way when the inspections goes through with nary a hitch and then we can finalize things. We don't have to be out until October 5th, which is gravy by me... it just means Swiss and I will have to (read: Get to) spend R&R in a hotel. WITH MAID SERVICE. Sweet.

Anyway, it is mostly done and I am mostly happy. We got really close to what we wanted and we are now free to do and go where we need to. Which feels really good. And also, it is weird that I am telling you all this before Swiss actually knows. Don't worry, he won't hold it against y'all, I promise!

Oh, and one last thing... thanks to my peeps (Loquita, Snarky, LAW & Army Wife... plus all you lovely twitter folks) for, well, you know what I am talking about, and I love you for it! Muwah!


Meghan said...

YES!!! I can't believe it!!! That was SO quick. At least it seemed that way to me, it probably felt long to you! But anyway, I'm so happy for you and Congrats!

Bette said...

One grand out of pocket sounds like a great deal to me. Congrats!

silver star said...

I'm doing a happy dance for you! Congrats!

Bree said...

YAY Girly!! I'm happy for y'all!

indiana.girl said...

I'm so glad the house sold!! One huge thing off your mind.

Post Tenebras Lux said...

That's awesome!! I go in fear of not being able to sell a house in this economy =). So glad you have it taken care of.

loquita said...

WAHOOOOOOOO! I will join you in staying a little wary of the final inspections, because I truly believe 90% of home inspections is just blowing smoke up the buyer's a** to make them believe they got "something" for their $400. Which then translates into the seller having to deal with the aftermath.

But enough of my jaded attitude! For today, just revel in being under contract! That is awesome, I am so so so so so very happy for you! I can't wait until you get to tell Swiss!

Jenny said...

Congrats, lady!