02 April 2009


So, I got a call from my sweet FRG leader the other day. (God bless her- she has 6 kids all under 10, a deployed husband and is heading up the FRG. I don't know how she does it.) She asked me to be a POC (don't I sound all Army-ish with my aronyms?! Oh, POC=point of contact.) for a few other ladies in the unit. Anyway, I am really glad to help and I know she is happy to have some other folks to do a lot of the calls, plus it helps me feel connected to the unit which I hae been sorely lacking. But I can't help but wonder what these poor women are going to think of me when they find out that their POC is a) a newbie at ALL of this and b) right around 1,200 miles away. Am I insane for doing this or will all the detials not matter?

And for those of you who either have been a POC or have had a POC: tips? Crib sheets? Cliff noties? Please!


Kanani said...

Hey, my FRG is 3000 miles away! HA! I've not heard from her, signed up on the vFRG and am feeling a bit left out....

So I tried to reach a local FRG and no luck. No phone call back to me as if I'm an ...huh? An alien?

I think the vFRG should really be taken seriously, though I think there are people like you and me who are just more technically adept than others at doing all the online junk. Anyhoo.... good luck with the acronyms. Do make a few ones up yourself, like FTDC "Feed the dog and cat"

Post Tenebras Lux said...

We are only three hours from our FRG (and POC), but it's pretty close to the same thing, I think, as far as *never* seeing any of them or going to any of the events.

Never been a POC, but what I'd like from mine is more friendliness =).

Tsoniki Crazy Bull said...

The Navy calls it a phone tree caller - I think they are the same? Sounds like it anyway. I'm one for our FRG. We are all scattering across the US so I think you are fine. LOL

issuedwifetwo said...

its not difficult. We do once a months during the deployment a call through to see if everyone is alive and kickin' and answer their questions ( if they have one). Otherwise we forward super-important messages or whatever battalion thinks it is *eyeroll*

You just write down who you reached , where you left a message ont he answering machine and whose number isnt working. Thats it.