03 April 2009

FU, Snow.

This is the top local news headline (yes, it is verbatim): "Sorry, but 6 inches of snow en route".

Not cool Weather, not cool.

But on the plus side, this site (warning NSFW or kids) makes me laugh until I snort and hopefully that will pull me through this crappy bout of weather. It also makes me want to get this shirt for my dog. Not that I am a big fan of dressing up pets, but come on, that is funny. "I am part of the problem" heh.

On the down side, rumor has it that it will be another week or so until the "commo" guys get the SPAWAR phones up and running. Why yes, wait until the entire unit is out there before you even being working to get the phones up and running. No sense doing it before now, like when the advon went out a month ago. That would be silly.

But back on the plus side, I got all my art supplies so this weekend will be filled with painting, sangria (I'm in charge of finding the best recipe for Beth's wedding party- suggestions?), and apparently snow.

So I don't know where that leaves me, but here's wishing a Happy Friday to everyone and enjoy the lack of snow wherever you are.


neverapartinheart said...

OOOO Sangria! I LOVE LOVE LOVE sangria. I have a great recipe for a red apple sangria. I will email the recipe to you. :-)

liberal army wife said...

as long as you don't dip the brush in the sangria and drink the paint water... go for it!

snow.... ick.

Tsoniki Crazy Bull said...

Snow is the reason we are still in southern TX! LOL