18 April 2009


Okay, let me preface this statement/vent/whine with this: I know there are some of you MilSpouses out there who hardly ever get to talk to your significant others during the course of a deployment (you can feel free to tell me to suck it and shut up). I know it was worse in WWI, WWII, Vietnam, Korea, et. al. I know we have computers and e-mail. I get it, it could so be worse and some of you deal with this all the time. With that said:


We are moving into week 4 of no verbal communication. The SPAWAR station is set up though... the phones are in, the tables are made, the cable is laid. All we are waiting on is some civilian contractor (aka Commo Guy) to get their ass out to BFE and point the damned satellite in the right freaking direction. That's it. But the civilian just hasn't shown up in the past week and no one really knows when he will be there. So we sit in radio silence and rely on hotmail to communicate.

And if one more civilian tells me "well, at least you have the computer" I will likely punch them. Then I will likely spew forth something ineloquent about how they would feel not seeing their husband for almost 3 months and relying on freaking e-mail to talk and not hearing his voice and then start crying. And then I will have no more civilian friends because they will all think I am either a bitch or insane... or both.

See what you are doing to me Commo Guy? Just get out there and point that thing in the right direction and I will regain my sanity. Is that so hard??? Throw me a freaking bone here dude... Poor Swiss would prefer nothing more than to wring some necks over this, but has resigned himself to the fact that most of the folks in his unit are inept and beyond help. Oh woe is us. Just please, make me sane again and get those phones up and running. Please?

Thus ending my rant.

Oh, and I swear I'm not usually this surly! I just really, really, really need to hear Swiss's voice.


liberal army wife said...

KBR - strikes again! sucks. absolutely sucks like a Dyson. I'm wishing for a decent computer linkup, so we could use our webcams or even IM. But we do have phone, once a week or so - the line is insane, but it is there. If they think you are a bitch, tell them when they live like this, they get to say something. Since they don't, they need to STFU!

LopsidedMom said...

Oh, Tuck, at this point I need to hear Swiss' voice too.
I'm sorry. This has gone on way too long.

Tucker said...

Thanks Ladies... We are both just so frustrated by it. Ugh. And I hate that at this point I will probably loose it when we do get to talk. Why am I such a crier? Anyway, thanks for the boost!

Say hi to Sprinkles for me LM! ;)

Jennifer said...

Maybe, if we all think about it, we can will the satellite to position itself as so establish communication with the phone system.

Shit, I guess if we had that much power, we could will the damn wars be ended and everybody could come home.


Sending you a hug through the intertubes, sweetie.

Army Duck said...

Hopefully they will get there butts into gear soon :-(!!

snarkynavywife said...

I feel your pain. Vent all you like. You know we're here for you.

Since COMMO guy is so inept, he can't point a satellite, I am hereby pointing my Evil Stank Eye of Doom at him. May the gods have mercy on him.

issuedwifetwo said...

*cough* little hint from me....does he has computer acess in his CHU? I got the t-mobile at home modem for hubbie. Costs 10 Dollars a month and gives him a local number for his computer. He can call and I can call him as long as we want for that 10 bucks.

Tucker said...

Thanks IWT... they have VERY limited internet/computer access since they are in such a remote location. So we are stuck waiting for the SPAWAR system to get up and running. Thanks for the tip though! I will keep that in mind!