19 April 2009

Not fair.

Nope, this isn't a rant against Commo Guy (though he still hasn't done his job... aarrrgh). This is me wondering if the universe really does come together to point it's finger and laugh at you. You know, taunt you with all the things you want but can't have in really, really large doses? Like a Cosmic Bully taunting you with the lunch money he just stole from you. Yeah, Cosmic Bully... do you think those exist?

You see, in the span of just one day, I have seen no less than 46 passionate kisses on television. Okay, so maybe that means Network TV is conspiring against me and maybe that I watch too much television. But still, thanks for the not-so-gentle reminder that I won't be getting any passionate kisses for another 6 months. But really, once was enough. I get it. 46 times though? That's just plain mean. Because believe me, I am acutely aware of this fact, so STOP BEATING ME OVER THE HEAD WITH IT! Please?

Thank you.


silver star said...

I thought I'd let you know that Grey's Anatomy returns with new episodes this Thursday. I know you were writing about one of the story lines on here and Left Face.

liberal army wife said...

sweetie - you have hit THAT point in deployment... how to put it nicely - the I'm so frustrated (not by commo guy) I could chew nails. and every time you turn on the TV, someone is kissing, or "whatever" (let's keep this clean for whatever kiddies might be looking) every damned show... even National Geographic channel! sigh... cold shower.

If you get Alison's book - Page 244 - she talks about this problem and the nicknames for our "condition"


Bette said...

Honey, if you counted 46, you need to drop the remote and back away from the television.

But I empathize. Boy, do I ever.

Tucker said...

You might be right Bette, but in my defense I leave the TV on a lot just to have that extra noise in the house. Otherwise it is waaaay too quiet. And a hefty portion of those 46 were from movies... but yeah, back away from the TV! :)