05 April 2009

Mystery solved.

So funny story... a few weeks ago Swiss got a text message on his cell phone (which is here at home with me). It came at 11:48PM on a Wednesday night and read:
"Thank u Swiss-u r the epitamy of what a Soldier should be!"
Note the excellent spelling and grammar... It was from a number neither of us knew so I just ignored it rather than call/text back a 'stranger'. I chalked it up to a drunk buddy who got sappy at the bar... or something like that.

Well today the mystery of the random texter was found out, thanks to my brother in law. It was P, Swiss's ex-wife who is engaged to be married. Drunken engaged ex-wife texts are my favorite! We haven't had one of those since waaaay before we were married... oh how I've missed them! I'm sure she was either a) trying to rattle my cage thinking that I had his phone or b) trying to suck up to Swiss assuming that he had his phone with him in the Sand. Either way it made me laugh when I found out who it was... I still can't figure out the reason behind it- she usually isn't that nice!

But no matter, it is just another entertaining tale to tell in the saga of The Ex-Wife. Do y'all have any crazy ex-wife stories to share? I have more, but this is as much as I am willing to tempt Karma!


alternativearmywife said...

i have a crazy ex gf story. while he was on block leave from Iraq, she showed up to MY apartment UNanounced, with old photos AND LOVE LETTERS the two of them wrote in 8TH GRADE.

Oh jesus. It's cool that she's a lesbian now, BUT STILL.

Tucker said...

Ah ha ha ha! 8th grade! Your apartment! Ha ha ha! That is beyond ridiculous...thanks for sharing that one!

Post Tenebras Lux said...

Wow! Just wow. . . .