30 April 2009


63:365 aaaaahhhhhhh, originally uploaded by jess elle.

My latest addictions are Chamomile tea and blogging pictures from flickr. Hey, at least it ain't drugs, right? The tea for now is Tazo Calm and I am on the hunt for other brands. The photos? What can I say... I'm a photo junkie always looking for inspiration and well, cooler people with cooler photographs than me. Anyway, that is all. I have nothing else of consequence to share other than the Vet is in love with my dog. Ignorance is bliss I suppose...


alternativearmywife said...

I am currently addicted to Cranberry Pomegranate Green Tea. I brew it hot and stick it in the fridge for iced tea? omg SO GOOD.

Tucker said...

Oh no, that sounds reaaaaally good. I love iced tea too... will have to go get some. Thanks for supporting my addictions!

The Army Wife said...

There is nothing -- *NOTHING* -- better than Tazo Calm. I buy that stuff in BULK. It's the best tea in the whole world. I am totally 100% addicted to it!

Again ... seperated ;)

I like to mix the Tazo Calm with a mint tea bag. I can usually get two or three cups out of the two bags, but I also am in love with mint tea as well. It's a good combo!