19 April 2009

2 cents.

So I was putzing around the interwebs this Sunday morning, sipping my coffee (mmmm hazelnut) and letting the plethora of links and stories lead me where they may. Sort of like a grown-up Choose Your Own Adventure book (I looooooved those as a kid). Anyway, I came across this story, which then led me to this story. And you know what struck me, well, other than that I was reading OpEd articles about American Idol? This:

"Which brings up the elephant in the room: Adam's gayness. (He has not actually come out, but pictures of him kissing men and a video of him saying that women are not his preference are all over the Internet.) No gay man has ever won "Idol," which raises the sociopolitical stakes of the show's finale considerably. If Adam loses, will it be because of homophobia?"
SERIOUSLY? This is beyond ridiculous... and this isn't even about AI. This is about someone who is insanely talented by any measure. His sexual orientation doesn't affect his talent and it shouldn't preclude him from the success he rightfully deserves (not that he won't have success if he doesn't win, heck my Mom is in love with the kid and would by his album). But is America really this shallow? Are we really that concerned with the sexual preferences of its artists? Are we willing to shortchange someone just because of who they may or may not like to kiss?

I guess there is only one way to find out and American will have its say in a few short weeks. I'm hoping for the best and that eyeliner and internet photos aren't the only things he is judged on. You can do it America! I have faith in you!!!


Jennifer said...

Am I the only person in America who does NOT watch American Idol?
But, yeah, I hear ya on the gay thing. Some Americans are a bit too obsessed with who people have sex with.

issuedwifetwo said...

I dont watch it either. I guess its an american thing. I dont know why people here are so obsessed with sex and religion.....seems a bit unhealthy for outsiders.

Tucker said...

In the interest of full disclosure, this is the first season I have been able to commit to AI, partly because of Adam and Danny Goeke who is from my hometown. Anyway, I've never really been into it, but this season it is must watch because of this kid... and yeah, I don't get the interest in who has sex with who either. Kind of creepy actually!

LopsidedMom said...

Last time I watched AI was with Clay Aiken..deja vu, I suppose.
And honestly, the only one of my gay friends I have ever discussed my sex life with was my midwife and that was only b/c it was kind of pertinent.

liberal army wife said...

I don't watch either...


silver star said...

Like Tucker, the only reason I've watched the show is because last season, 2 contestants I had heard of before the show from my area.

The Army Wife said...


I'm a huge AI fan. Missed season one, but have been hooked on it ever since.

I'm also a big Adam fan. Because DAMN, that guy can sing. Even my husband LOOOVES him, and he hates the show.

The thing that pisses me off is that the if people would NOT TALK ABOUT IT, it wouldn't be an issue. Yes, he is totally gay. He was the lead in LA's production of Wicked for crying out loud. If you youtube him, the dude can dress in drag like no other. DUH. But WHO CARES. It doesn't deter from the fact that he has an amazing voice.

The ones that are talking about it, and writing the articles, and the "omghesgaysonowwhatarewegoingtodo" are the ones that have an issue with it (*ahem*billoreilly)

They need to just let it be.