12 January 2009


First off, I have to say this: I love Karma. It's like the Universe's way of slapping you around when you deserve it (and rewarding you too). I love to watch Karma in action. Karma has kicked my butt from time to time. I deserved it too.

So, in this vein, I try not to post too much about family matters that extend beyond Swiss and I. It feels a little odd to put the family's dirty laundry out there, and it makes me worry about my own Karma.

But I am going to tell this tale just because it is proof that Karma does work. So here it goes and let's hope this doesn't mess up my Karma...

Swiss got a letter back home the other day about late Child Support. Now, Swiss is insanely punctual and generous when it comes to this matter. As well he should be. More over, Swiss Jr. has been living with his uncle for the past 3-4 months, not with his mom. Why you ask? Because right around our wedding (you can decide if that is a coincidence or not) the ex-Mrs. Swiss (we will call her P) called us up hysterical and emphatic that she just couldn't take Swiss Jr. anymore, that he was too much and she just didn't want him. (Harsh, I know. I can't imagine how this made Swiss Jr. feel.) Anywhoodles, since Swiss was about 3 weeks away from moving here to Fort X and had a deployment on the near horizon, we (meaning Swiss's family and us) decided that it would be best for Swiss Jr. to stay in town and keep things as close to normal as possible. Thankfully Swiss's brother chipped in and has been taking great care of him ever since, and receiving the Child Support money as he rightfully should.

So, back to the letter. Swiss called the lady today to find out the deal. Turns out P applied for City funding because she got fired from her job and got her car repossessed (I am so not making this up) and hasn't been working for quite a few months now, and, well, she doesn't have Swiss Jr.'s child support money to spend now. Tricky bit about it is that the City does an automatic audit on you when you apply for this funding. She applied saying that she had custody of Swiss Jr., trying to milk the Government teat for all it was worth I assume. So Swiss politely told the lady that, no, Swiss Jr. has been living with someone else for months now. Heh. I don't know what will come of it, but I'd like to think that Karma will take over from here.


kimba said...

I'm also a second wife, & I'm thankful every day that KT (first wife) is normal, polite, likable and responsible. No kids are involved, which does make for a cleaner break - but still, crazy ex-wives are a pain in the ass I'm glad I'm not dealing with, and I'm so glad she and J are friends.

I wonder what she'll so when she finds out there isn't any money coming?

Tucker said...

You are SO lucky! I am waaaay envious. But I do worry what P will do when everything goes pear-shaped. She's a bit of a loose cannon so one never knows... let's hope that doesn't come back on us too. Bah!

kimba said...

Makes for good writing material, though! Ah, drama.

The Army Wife said...

wow. Karma really is a bitch, and P will get her day of karma bitch slapping. :)

But Kimba is right ... for now the entertainment it gives us is worth it!

LopsidedMom said...

My husband has a 20 year old daughter from a high school relationship. Long story short...her mother was diagnosed with thyroid cancer a few years back and a teeny tiny part of me had the exact thought: that's karma for you!
(I know it's cancer and I feel like a horrible person for thinking that, but she's been so mean over the years...)