15 February 2009

Compare & contrast.

So Swiss and I talked yesterday and it was great as always (except that one time). I was feeling a little mopey, sitting around our house alone on Valentine's day with a sweet but high-maintenance dog. I seriously don't think I have said "no" that many times in one day ever, but he is still a baby so it is to be understood. Anyway, when I talked to Swiss, I realized that I am the one who has it good. I still get to complain, sure, but he would SO win if we ever had a contest.

See, I may think it sucks to sleep without him next to me, keeping me warm, and it does. But I know that it sucks more to sleep in a dusty, dirty tent with 65 other guys, a cot, zero privacy and no pillow.

I may think it sucks to come home to an empty house and not have someone to curl up with on the sofa. But I know it sucks more to have your days filled with nothing but work, eating and PT... no TV, no internet, no comfy sofa, no home cooked meals.

And I may think it sucks that due to their temporary status I can't send him any mail, I can't send the boatloads of stuff I've already gotten him. But I know that it sucks more to not be able to get mail of any sort from anyone back home.

Anyway, this is me sucking it up and knowing that my soldier has it way worse than me. I put my big girl panties on this morning apparently... anyway, enjoy your Sunday everyone!

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