08 February 2009

The mass media edition.

I have always been a bit on the sappy side. I have been known to cry during episodes of Sex and the City, so let's not even talk about the really emotional stuff. And I am a sucker for those dreamy, heartfelt, emotional songs on the radio. But usually I can reign it in. I don't cry in public... I don't like being that girl.

Well, I cried in a Goodwill this week. Yes, Goodwill. My Mom and I went in there looking for vases and while she was checking out the sappy song on the overhead muzak channel made me cry. Seriously. Now I am that girl. Bah.

I couldn't watch Extreme Makeover: Home Edition tonight because I was teary in the first 3 minutes. I even tried to go back a while into it, nope, instant mistiness. (It didn't help that the woman's husband died... duh. Probably not a smart choice...)

Anyway, I have been relegated to watching an America's Next Top Model marathon. Heck, next week I will probably be watching Rock of Love Bus. Apparently I can't HANDLE the sappy. Oh well, what I save in Kleenex I will make up for in mushy brain bits. I'm hoping Swiss will find them endearing.


liberal army wife said...

It'll get better, believe it or not. but yeah - tearing up at stuff you never tear up at - normal.

No one will care you sniffle a little - let it out!


Tucker said...

Thanks LAW. Its always so reassuring to know I am normal!

Linda said...

ah heck...I cry at everything and don't have a reason. I'm not pregnant, my hubby's not deployed, I'm just a teary-eyed mess all the time. YOU have a reason.

BTW - did you watch the Extreme Makeover for the soldier a few weeks back? The band you saw in bits and snippets was my hubby's...before we PCS'ed to South Carolina. Sure was proud of all the work he did with that band!

liberal army wife said...

oh... I didn't mean YOU are normal... just that getting weepy is normal... {kidding, just kidding}


Tucker said...

Har har har! Okay, I am not normal... But it was nice thinking I was! Thanks for the laughs!

And Linda- I didn't see that one, but that is awesome that your hubby's band was on there!