23 February 2009

Monday, Monday.

I have nothing profound to share. So I will stick with my latest penchant for lists.

1.) This article is good. Interesting. I will have more to write about it later, but for now check it out.

2.) This deployment, though only 3+ weeks old, has very clearly shown me that I was spot on when I picked the gals for my inner circle. They have come through with flying colors, just by being there and for letting me know that they care, and I say thank you. You two know who you are.

3.) I am SO over this cold. OVER! (And I thought one of the perks to being married was someone to take extra good care of you when you are sick... The Army is interfering with my wifely rights!)

4.) We finally got word of Swiss's final* destination. It is, I quote "in need of some infrastructure improvements before it is safe ... to occupy (Sewage,Water, Electricity, etc need some work). I will tell you up front that the living conditions ... will be spartan at best compared to previous rotations..." Poor Swiss.

That's all I have for now. Perhaps if I get to breathe out of both my nostrils I will post more later.

*Final is a loose term in the Army, I know this now. So it is, of course, subject to change.

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