12 February 2009


It is Thursday and there are a million things I would like to post about, but there was too much drama this morning and now I am spent. So I am going with twee versions, somehow I think it will be easier.

1.) There has been a lot of talk about the policy regarding media access to Dover and what President Obama will do. (For you non-military readers, it is the Air Force base where troops who have died in action are returned to their families.) I have strong feelings about this, but I don't think I could articulate them as well as SisB did over at her site. So go read her blog... in my opinion, she was spot on.

2.) We just got new recycling bins today. I kid you not, it is a giant green trash bin that is actually bigger than my real trash bin. Way to go Waste Management.

3.) Dogs poop a lot. I know that isn't at all eloquent, there you have it.

4.) I am pretty dejected that my phone call with Swiss this morning was filled with urgent legal issues, phone numbers to call, and documents to retrieve. I am beyond upset that he is so frustrated and worried and agitated- and all I can do is tell him that I will try to fix it. And mostly, I am furious that a woman like P (Swiss's ex-wife) is still managing to fuck things up years after their divorce. After all that she did, all that she put him through the last deployment, I am enraged that she is doing it all over again (albeit to a lesser extent, not much can top what she did last time). And I am downright pissed of that her antics meant that we had to talk legal issues instead of happy things, normal things, couple-y things. I am going to stop here, because if I get going there is no telling what I might do. I hope she gets hit by a bus. And I know that is going to mess up my Karma big time.

5.) I am not Catholic, but man, the Vatican almost made me fall out of my chair. I shall have dreams of Darwin and the Pope frolicking together in a field full of daisies & puppies. Maybe singing and twirling a la The Sound of Music (don't tell anyone but I secretly LOVE that movie).

and finally,

6.) I miss my husband. (Even though the Army doesn't yet think we are married. Despite my being enrolled in DEERS and having shown the marriage certificate to no less than 7 offices/departments at our assigned military post. I wish I were joking.)

The end.


Bette said...

It sucks when those precious phone calls are consumed by business (and they sometimes have to be, even without a horrible ex). But Swiss is so lucky to have you there, able to deal with these issues! Just think how powerless and stressed out he'd feel with no advocate in the U.S.

I'm sorry that you have to deal with it at all, though. It's not what either of you needs right now, or ever.

liberal army wife said...

the legal stuff sucks, but after you have all the info - are you using a decent attorney? make sure his/her paralegal has all the stuff.

And the Army not knowing you are married... yeah, standard. sorry bout that, they do this to drive us nuts.

The phone calls - yeah that sucks, and you can be mad at her. Karma will come around and kick her nasty ass.