13 February 2009


Hmmm... what do I want to say? It has been a long week and the synapses aren't firing quite right. I suspect wine would make it better. But here's the short-list.

I want to say a heartfelt Congratulations to Beth and Ethan. This doesn't really change anything about you two, but I am so happy for you none-the-less. Now let's get on with the business of free cake.

I want to say that even though I work at an 'elite' world renowned hospital (I hope that doesn't sound boastful because it isn't meant to be), I still work with a bunch of idiots.

I want to say that Valentine's day is lame. Of course I am only saying that because Swiss is about 7,500 miles away and I will be spending my Valentine's day with a dog (albeit a very cute dog). I would feel totally different about all of it were Swiss here. I admit this whole-heartedly.

And finally, I want to say that I don't have anyone to eat sushi with. And no one to curl up on the sofa sipping wine with. And that sucks. I miss Swiss. I miss him a lot.


The Army Wife said...

if we lived close together, I would so sip wine with you on the couch, and eat sushi with you as well. Because I love both equally. :)

Tucker said...

And I would love it! Thanks dear, you are too sweet!

Kanani said...

Well, ya know, even in the hallowed halls of academia, world famous hospitals, at dinner with even more famouser scientists, life savers, physicians, and industrialists, I have often wondered...."hmmmmm....now what was on "Psyche" last night?"

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll start a blog roll and toss ya on there!

liberal army wife said...

i know. V day is lonely, with only a cat... Sorry, won't eat sush, but I'll sit and sip with you. and you DO live in the most Right sided town in the state, don't you! One of DHs uncles used to live there, don't know if he does now or not (family crap) but he was so far to the Right he and Genghis Khan were lodge brothers.

You know, I was thinking about your last post and yeah, without my blog I'da popped a bolt at some of the idiots. I could vent there and people understood!!