22 February 2009

Tough like aluminum foil.

That's me. I almost always keep myself together when I talk to Swiss... no tears. I don't want him to worry about me or think that I am struggling in any way (this is an issue more related to his ex-wife and how she chose to handle the last deployment rather than an issues Swiss and I have). I don't even tear up when I talk about it at work or with friends. I don't want their pity. I usually only cry to my mom when she tells me that it is okay to let it out or when I'm home alone missing him so much I just can't stand it.

But Gawd... all it takes is an e-mail from that man and I dissolve into a blubbering mess in front of the computer. He has a way with words (did I tell you about the time he wrote me a poem for a housewarming gift before we were even dating? Talk about swoon!) and he is so genuine, honest and so unabashedly romantic that I simply cannot read his e-mails without crying big, fat, juicy tears. Lord I miss that man.

In the end though, I figure that this isn't a bad dilemma to have. You'll never hear me complain that my husband is too sweet or too kind or too romantic. Just that he is too far away...

I love you Swiss!

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