24 February 2009

Short and to the point.

I am in a foul mood.

I am sick of being sick. I am sick of winter. I am sick of my dog waking me up at 4:30 every morning (what a lovely new habit he's grown into). I am sick of dealing with the housing office at Fort X who insists on screwing us out of money. I am sick of being exhausted. I am sick of being alone. And I am sick of missing my husband.

Awesome. Did I mention that I am sick of sucking it up? I am sick of whining too.

...told you I was in a bad mood.

Okay. I won't ruin anyone else's day. This is Tucker signing off.


kimba said...

Training puppies/dogs is so, so hard. But it's so worth it. It helps if you keep them exhausted - a tired dog is a good dog.

The rest? It's just crap. Maybe a good book would help? Something that just sucks you in and lets you think about something else.

Hang in there...

LopsidedMom said...

Oh, come sit by me, Tucker. We can be in crappy moods together. I haven't washed my hair or actually worn real clothes for 5 days.

Tucker said...

I am there LopsidedMom! Only I had to get dressed up and pretend to care about work today. Bah. I hope you are feeling better dear! Thanks for the note!

And Kimba, I know you are right about the dog but lately I have wondered if I could trade him in for a plant (which I would never actually do). I know it will get better... but I so don't need housebreaking issues right now! Oh well, a book will certainly help, I will have to do that tonight!

liberal army wife said...

who said you had to suck it up? whoever that was - smack em (ok, so do it figuratively) There, feel better? You get to whine here to us... its safer than doing it in person. so we'll listen and nod, cause - been there! and you'll listen when I want to whine..

Wish you had stuck around last night for the speech! we had a great time watching together..


kimba said...

Crate training is miraculous. Have you tried?

Tucker said...

Yes he is crate trained for at night and when I am at work... he just has accidents everynow and again and likes to whine/whimper when he wakes up at 5 am. So we are working on his schedule. And I am sleep deprived. But it is getting better!