21 February 2009


1. I am sick... I have a cold. I hate being sick. And it snowed 6 inches last night. I hate shoveling when I am sick even worse than just being sick.

2. I miss the Commissary. Limes cost twice as much here as they do there. Chicken is 3 times as expensive here. And they give you 4 times more plastic bags than you really need. Oh dear Commissary, how I adore thee!

3. My dog is insane. Maybe not clinically, but I've seen enough to feel comfortable with my diagnosis.

4. I miss Swiss. As always.


liberal army wife said...

your dog has probably got the same cabin fever you have... Sorry you are sick. can you find anyone who can shovel for you? You don't live where anyone I still know there lives, or I'd send them over. You could always try the Mrs. Pawlenty's List - there's always someone who wants to help a soldier's wife!


Tucker said...

I never heard of Mrs. Pawlenty's list... ver interesting. I sucked it up and shoveled myself... tough German girl I am. Thanks for the tip though LAW!

Bette said...

I join you in commissary adoration. And I hope you feel better very soon!

Anonymous said...

I think you should have your Mother come and visit and perhaps make home-made chicken soup for you.
I personally don't think there is anything worse than having your children (in-laws included) hurt. If I were your Mother, I'd call Jim Senenbrenner..........