16 February 2009


I miss hearing 'Retreat' every night at 5:00.

I miss seeing ACU's everywhere. I know that is odd, but somehow I found it very comforting. Maybe it was just being surrounded by folks like us. Folks who know.

I miss the weather down at Fort X. I know it was bi-polar but it is a helluva lot warmer than it is here.

I even miss the piles of dirty, sweaty, stinky PT's on the floor.

I guess, in short, I miss our Army life. I suppose that kind of goes along with missing Swiss... our time at Fort X was when we really got to be us. Married us. Together, happy, and well, together.

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liberal army wife said...

missing the ACUs... I remember thinking, everytime I saw them, back there in the midwest where there weren't any posts/bases... Ooooh, there's one of us! Here, they are everywhere, doesn't grab me as hard.