06 June 2009

Deciphering the panic.

So I talked to Swiss today about the looming PCS and all that it implies. And let's be honest, I only talked to him about it because I knew I'd get another phone call tonight that wouldn't involve acronyms or movers. And you know what I realized? I realized that I am not, in fact, panicking about the PCS itself. I am panicking about selling our house.

Yes, the military.com patented OVERKILL worksheets freaked me out, but honestly, I don't think the Army portion of this move is all that scary. Perhaps I will even have lucked out because I'll get to work with the folks at a MUCH smaller post and get some (hopefully) good one-on-one interactions that will make that portion go smoothly and relatively painlessly. I am confident about what I need to do with the housing office at Fort X, mostly because Swiss and I have done it before down there and I am familiar with the staff for our housing community. I am even prepared for the inevitable (again, hopefully) few months spent transitioning between civilian life and Army wife life. I've got like 4 contingency plans for that- all of which are perfectly serviceable options. I've got all of that under control. It is good.

What can't I control? The housing market. Selling this house. Finding a buyer. Yes, this my friends is what is setting off alarms, sirens and putting my panic button on high-alert. DEAR GOD WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO IF THIS HOUSE DOESN'T SELL? I am not going to have a job at Fort X so it would be tough to pay 2 house payments, and I categorically WILL NOT stay here after he comes home. So yeah, we HAVE to sell this sucker. I'm panicking to the point of sending my real estate agent an e-mail this weekend telling her we had to meet. NOW. Yes, the move is nearly 7 months away, but the Holidays are in there and yeah, we've got to get this sucker on the market!

So yes, I have deciphered my panic and at least now I have some good direction. Anyone want to buy a house???


The Army Wife said...

HONESTLY? That may not be such a bad idea. I mean, renting a storage unit for a few months is cheaper than paying a mortgage. And then you either crash with parents/relatives/friends for a few months [hint, hint ... we have an extra bed!] or you GO to Fort X and have things all set up and ready to go when Swiss gets home.

You can always say, too, that the house will not be available for two months or whatever. That will give you time to pack up.

You have options. And if you're worried about selling the house, then focus on that first. And deal with the rest as it comes.

loquita said...

I think if you can set up a housing plan for the rest of the deployment time, then YES put the house on the market now and see if you can't grab a buyer this summer. If not, then next spring is the next best opportunity to find one. I have been through the hell of finding short-term rental housing with a dog, so I can understand why you might not want to do that though.

I'm saying this from the perspective of someone who is getting desperate for someone to buy my house I left behind in PA before the summer is over. We are lucky that we can afford it right now, but I don't like the dent it is making in savings... Just one of the many stressful situations that seem to be clogging up my writing/blogging brain channels...

Tsoniki Crazy Bull said...

I'm bad to ask because we've kept (and rented) out the houses we bought!

But I agree with selling it now. Selling during the winter months is always harder (just like it's harder for me to find renters in the winter!) and add that to how the real estate market is and ... yeah.

Going ahead and getting set up isn't a bad idea! If you already have orders you should be able to get into housing already (unless I read the one you want has a long wait list?).

issuedwifetwo said...

I refuse to buy a house before we are done with the military. 6 moves in 8 years...nooooooooo one gets me to risk that.