29 June 2009

Happy Blogoversary to Me!*

So, I've managed to stick around for a year and not run out of inconsequential things to say. Go me!

And you've managed to stick around despite all the reasons I give you not to... Go you!!!

Thanks to all of you who have stopped by, encouraged me, laughed (at) with me, and helped me through this deployment so far. And even better, thank you to all my 'imaginary' friends who I have met in this great thing called the interwebz... y'all rock the cazbah.

Now, go eat some cake and/or ice cream and/or drink some bubbly. And you are welcome for the justification to eat bad-for-you food and drink booze. Consider it my present to you! Srsly!

*Technically my blog-o-versary was on the 27th, but I was too busy with my concert hangover to care. Sorry.


kimba said...

Yay you! And many more (although after this one, NOT about deployment, ever, ever again)!

liberal army wife said...

congratulations/happy birthday to the blog! Srsly. High Five!!


The Army Wife said...

w00t! High Five girl! :)