24 June 2009

Wednesday, you wicked minx.

Aah, Wednesday. You suck less than Tuesday and Monday. Good for you!!!

Today started off not so sweet. Think obsessively whining and whimpering dog at 0415. But I vowed not to react to it (unlike yesterdays yelling and screaming... fun!) and sure enough, 15 minutes later, the devil dog stopped. For about 45 minutes. Then he started up again. I, yet again, resisted the urge to go ballistic and just stayed in bed. 20 minutes later he stopped. Then the blissful peace and quiet returned to our house and I got to sleep until the alarm went off. Much better!

Then, I checked my e-mail and guess what? The super cute Birki's I wanted to buy but were out of stock? They were back in stock! So I bought them. Wanna see 'em?

And then I realized that I didn't have to go to softball practice tonight, so that made me at least 28 shades of happy. And I get fair food for lunch! See, this week is our town's Festival (not to be confused with the County Fair or anything)... so that means the streets downtown are blocked off and chock full of fried food vendors and music stages. Good times! I will most certainly pass up the "Hot Dish on a Stick" this year though. S-k-e-t-c-h-y. (Bonus 10 points if you actually know what "Hot Dish" is.)

Swiss gently lectured me yesterday about over-extending myself. Which is fair, because that is exactly what I have been doing. So now I have to do some soul searching about what I need to quit to regain my sanity and take better care of myself. I've been going non-stop this whole month with work and after-work activities every day of the week. I'm suffering, Fletcher is suffering and I don't think the really important stuff is getting done the way it should (like the PCS work, getting the house ready, etc). It's been too much, but this gal ain't a quitter, so I've been in more of the "Suck it Up Buttercup" mindset. I'm afraid the coaching gig will be what takes the hit, since it takes up 4 nights a week... but I hate to do that to the girls and I just can't stand the idea of quitting something I committed to. But that is my cross to bear and it must be done.

Anyway, I am doing much better today with the help of a tasty Caribou Iced Coffee, a newly updated iPod music stash, and the prospects of a kick ass weekend with Beth involving the concert, wedding planning (the fun kind) and another trip to IKEA. Things are looking up... and that is a very, very good thing. Happy Wednesday y'all!

PS: Jenny, I hope these posts are helping you keep track of your days! :)


Jennifer said...

You are a woman with a plan ~ I like it. What makes us think we have to be super-women while our husbands are deployed? I NEVER asked for help and that was a huge mistake. I'm glad Swiss was able to convince you to scale it back a bit.
The rest of your week sounds fab. And you get new shoes too! Not much better than that, huh?

loquita said...

I'm of the opinion that a trip to IKEA can make *anything* better. :-D

Tucker said...

Thanks Jennifer! I don't know what is making me feel like I have to DO IT ALL, and it is making me miserable... and I am glad the Hubs said something, he is right and now I just have to DO something about it! And I am way pumped about the new shoes and the weekend. Thanks for the support!

Loquita- ARGREED! :)

liberal army wife said...

Hot dish on a stick?? ewwwwwwww. I thought they went nuts with a deep fried Snickers bar. How the hell do they get it to stick on the stick??

Oh, y'all - Hot dish = Casserole. The MN way - one can of Cream of Something soup, one bag of flat noodles, some meat (hamburger, sausage if you are daring) or tuna, some frozen peas. cook the noodles, add the soup (no water) add the meat and peas. IF you must, use salt or pepper... bake. There ya gooooww. Hot dish.

don't forget the jello mold salad.

sorry, Tucker, gotta make fun of that stuff - like I make fun of [shudder] grits... or okra


M(:M said...

so I guess home made cheesecake is out of the question. When Swiss gets home there will be one headed his way....try to be strong. M(:M