03 June 2009

Pass the cheese.

Stop reading now if you don't want to hear me whine and rant. I need to vent and I am going to do so right now. Seriously, if you are already rolling your eyes STOP READING!

Whine begin:

Why is it so damned hard to have working phones and internet in the MWR areas for our troops? Because you know, calling home and stuff isn't really important. And lets not all forget who is likely responsible for the maintenance and status of these phones... evil KBR. See I told you the effects of the Kool-Aid wouldn't last long. Aaaarrrrrrrrgh. Grr. Pffft. EFF!

Just so you know, this totally wouldn't be as annoying if I wasn't especting a phone call, but when you expect one and don't get one, this one gets surly. CONSIDER ME SURLY!!!! EFF YOU AND YOUR NON-WORKING PHONES! Also, really annoyed with how I am able to go from normal to crying in like 60 seconds flat. I blame PMS and the Army. Not cool man, not cool.

And while I am at it, I would also like to say a big thank you (read: eff you) for so kindly rationing out my husband to me, because he isn't like, you know, GONE for the whole year. I really do appreciate the challenges of getting everything you want, need and wish to say in a half hour phone call. It's like a game! A GAME THAT I HATE. In case you care.

Whine end.

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