23 June 2009

Et tu Tuesday?

Meh. Apparently I am still lingering around the outskirts of Suckyville (though I do have some company...). I mean, seriously, are we DONE yet? hahahahahahaha.... NO. Ugh.

Today isn't looking much better than yesterday... though Swiss's "thing" worked out just fine and he is safe & well. Phew. My new dishwasher? Doesn't drain, and the sink still leaks. BIL needs to fix this because I simply don't have the gumption to deal with it. IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE BETTER! NOT WORSE!!! The dog is now fluffy and clean... but he won't sleep past 5:30am. Which is killing me slowly. Today I am only doing 2 people's jobs, so that is better I suppose! And did I mention how humid it is here? Yesterday it was 95 with 47% humidity. I was sweating like crazy just standing outside... lucky us we get more of the same today! HOORAY UPPER MIDWEST. And by that I mean not. Decidedly.

But I won't complain any more because I know it isn't that bad. I get to go to Milwaukee this weekend for a Counting Crows concert with the coolest gal I know, Beth, for her bachelorette 'party' (the best thing is that we did the exact same thing for my bachelorette 'party'). And you must understand that by 'party' we mean, go to a great concert, drink overpriced beer, and hang out in general. MAN- WE ARE CRAZY! Right? No? Oh, well. I think we both like it better this way... no phalluses involved, no "Suck for a Buck" and NO tiaras/veils. Perfection!

Okay, I should get to work and stop avoiding it like the plague. Validations make mah brain hurt. Hope y'all have a great Tuesday!


indiana.girl said...

Awesome blog title. Glad to hear Swiss is out of the thing. I hate it when they do something out of the ordinary on deployment; something they cannot talk about. It challenges the fragile equilibrium. Hope the sink repairs go well.

Army Duck said...

Hey love,

Thanks for continuing to be honest through out the deployment. It's really refreshing and I'm already glad to know that next year when I'm having all the same feelings that I wasn't alone.

Hang in there. Every time I click over here on your blog I look at how many weeks have passed since Swiss left and even though you may not feel like it right now you have successfully gone through the first 20 weeks!!! That is something to be proud of. I think you are doing a great job!!!

Keep smiling

Jennifer said...

Gah ~ this weather SUCKS!!!! It makes everything feel worse and more stressful. Let's get a group of awesome chicas and head to the mountains ~ jobs be damned!
At least until your sweetie comes home.
What do ya' think?

Tucker said...

Thanks Army Duck! YOu are so sweet and I really appreciate the feedback!

Jennifer: I AM IN. We can just bring Swiss along when he gets home! When do we leave???? :)