04 June 2009

A random question.

Now that all my venting for the week is done (hopefully), I have a question for you, dear readers. This is what I want to know: What are the things you adored in your youth (think Middle School/High School or even younger) that you still really, truly love?

I mean, let’s be honest, this is likely a short list for all of us… but I wonder what the common themes amongst us are? Age? Music? Genres? Movies? TV? Pure cheese factor? I'm so intrigued!

Okay, here’s my list:
Elementary SchoolWild America with Marty Stouffer (okay, PBS & nature shows in general), cooking shows, all things arty... drawing, painting, doodling, any of it, Kraft Mac & Cheese, Oldies, the Sound of Music and U2.

Middle SchoolCounting Crows. That’s it. Nothing else. Those were some rough years. (And "Omaha" is still my favoritest EVER.)

High School – Giant tote bags (anyone else remember those ESPRIT bags?), softball (though I was playing loooong before HS) and marching bands. (NERD ALERT!!!)

I find it hilarious that in all my formative years of music listening, I only picked two truly great bands and one movie that I still love to this day. Man, I had some CRAPPY taste as a kid. Of course, I found loads of cool stuff in college, but hey, who didn't, so that doesn't count, even though it would make me look waaaay cooler than this list does. Clearly my early years were my best… I PEAKED TOO EARLY!!! It’s all been relatively downhill since then... Sigh.

So pony up and spill the beans because it is your turn… I can’t wait to read your responses! Oh, and happy Almost Friday!


Bette said...


(Oooh, and my word verification is chipp! Cosmic!)

Tucker said...

You crack me up Bette! ;) Even my tasted in chips changed. But I admire your loyalty to the unnaturally orange cheezy goodness!

Jenny said...

There's a few constants...painting, for one. Always liked that, and did it pretty much from toddler-hood onwards.

In elementary school, I was totally into Madonna (still am, although I don't follow her fashion trends anymore), Painting with Bob Ross, unicorns/horses, and mermaids. And Barbies. I was also listening to stuff like the Smiths & the Cure while everyone else was into NKOTB. You can guess which things I still like these days (hint: Bob Ross is dead).

Junior high, I was really into classical music (played the cello), which I still love. Also, broomstick skirts and Birkenstocks.

High school was kind of a blur...there was a lot of painting, theatre, photography, and dope-smoking (hence the blur). I got into the Beats, smoking Camels, and fixing up old cars. Fashion-wise, it was the pre-Marilyn Manson emo/goth look, lots of thrift store finds and black eyeliner. And red velvet Doc Martens.

So yeah...what remains? I don't smoke anymore, I do wear Doc Martens (red leather instead of velvet), still love cars, Beats, eyeliner, Robert Smith & Moz, photog, all things artsy. Now it just comes in a Mommy wrapper.

kimba said...

Sheesh, you guys make me feel old. Madonna in elementary school!?? Good Maude, her first album came out when I was in high school. *sigh*

Ok, here goes anyway:

Elementary school - reading. I lived in Belgium then, and back in the 70's, US tv wasn't really available here in Europe to any real extent. So I read, and read, and read. I'm so glad.

Middle school - KISS!!!! And I still do love their old stuff, even though Gene Simmons was a tool to Terry Gross on NPR a couple of years back. They were my gateway drug to rock and roll.

High School - Cotton clothes and comfortable, big, clompy shoes - Doc Maretns, Birkenstocks, and anything else that makes my feet happy. Driving, too - I loved it from the start, and I still get happy every time I put the key in the ignition. Oh, yes, and beer. :-)

indiana.girl said...

I'm a relatively new reader to your blog, and I thought I probably should come out of the lurker closet!

Elementary school: C.S.Lewis, Four-Square (if only I could find someone else to play it with!, Enya, The Princess Bride

Middle School: men's button down shirts, U2, Handel's Messiah

High School: This one is stumping me completely; I did one year of public high school, two years home schooled and one split between two private schools. I don't think I took anything away from that experience except extreme relief that all school was done. I still love that!

Tucker said...

Welcome Indiana.girl! I'm glad you de-lurked yourself and it is nice to hear from you! :) Yeah, High school was the hardest for me too... I mean, all I came up was a tote bag, a sport and nerdy marching bands. Ugh. Glad to see someone else on the U2 bandwagon too!

The Army Wife said...

Ugh ... I really hate to be admitting some of this stuff!

Elementary School: I was ALL ABOUT NKOTB, Paula Abdul, and kick the can. We played kick the can every weekend in our neighborhood. It was super sweet. I also listened to a lot of Rush, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin. Dad's influence.

Middle School: Ooooohhh Middle School. Flannel shirts, vans [the shoes, not the vehicle!], Pearl Jam, Nirvana [I was growing up in Seattle ... can't you tell??!], White Zombie, The Offspring, Stussy & Mossimo gear, the TV show Absolutely Fabulous, and the movie Grease. I was OBSESSED with Grease. I also wore lego people around my neck on a chain. Don't ask.

High School: I became a little more superficial in High School. I was also an athlete. Soccer & Track for school, Soccer & Softball on club teams. And a nerd. Was in all the honor/AP classes. Oh ... and was HEAVILY involved in Leadership and Student Council. I didn't really "fit" anywhere. I sort of tried to do it all. I still listened to all kinds of random music.

Today?? I still listen to just about every band I mentioned above. I still own a pair of checkered vans [not the same ones I had in middle school!]and still love Missimo, but only because Target sells their stuff and it ROCKS. Either way?? Still a nerd and way uncool. :)

Tucker said...

Oh, but you must remember this nugget of wisdom from one Mr. Lester Bangs (from one of my fave movies Almost Famous) "The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what you share with someone else when you're uncool."

Its all okay because now we are all uncool together!

The Army Wife said...

omg, Tuck ... could i LOVE YOU ANY MORE???

I used to watch Almost Famous like, once a week, EVERY SINGLE TIME I hear Tiny Dancer on the radio, I blare it and think of the bus scene.


You and I, we were meant for each other. Ha!

Tucker said...

ZOMG! TAW- Sisters from another mother I tell you. Or we were separate at birth. Either way! I think the same thing every time I hear tiny dancer and I say feck a lot too... what's the difference? THE LETTER U. heh.

Yes, yes, meant for eachother indeed!

PS- Listening to Pearl Jam on Pandora now and remembering how amazing Ten was. Sigh.

Tucker said...

PS- Love ya too! :)

kavita said...

i just loved reading you....may god bless this couple.things i loved and always will
Dirty Dancing
My Fair Lady
Disco Beats
My Friends
loong chats with girl-friends.
Take Care.

Tucker said...

Thank you Kavita! That is a great list you have there... thanks for the blessings and well wishes... and thanks for commenting! :)