01 June 2009

Monday, Monday.

I had some irreverent things to say about IKEA and lattes and Counting Crows and Pandora. But the rash of tragic and upsetting current events put a damper on my trivial thoughts, as they well should.

So instead, keep these people and their families in your thoughts.
Hope that the man who did this get what he deserves in this life AND the next, and that people start realizing that nothing about murder is "Pro Life".
And do whatever you can to help stop this and this from ever happening again, because no matter what you believe, these men are not the ones that need to be discharged from the military (see SisB's post on this topic, she's spot on as usual, Kanani too.). These men are all that is right with the Armed Forces, regardless of who they sleep with at home.

And that is all I have to say about that.


Kanani said...

Hi, Thanks for the plug. I've also sent off letters to my senators and the senate armed forces committee.

Tucker said...

You are welcome Kanani! I will do the same! You are doing a great job keeping this on the radar!