22 June 2009

Monday morning blahs.

Some Monday mornings just can't get it right. I mean, Mondays are supposed to be an gentle easing back into the workweek. Not a kick in the rear. Or at least that is how I would like Mondays to be... sigh, if only someone cared what I thought. ha!

This Monday was marked (so far) by a dog who rolled in the dumped out grapefruit scented dish soap (leftover from the kitchen remodel, which I will post tomorrow) in the lawn (thanks BIL! not.). Now he is sticky, muddy, matted and smells vaguely of citrusy mud. Today also had my Dad leaving town to go home, never fun because my parents are awesome and I miss them and I am only going to move further and further away because the Army makes me. And I get to do 3 people's jobs today at work! woot! Oh, and my new sink leaks. Must fix that tonight (looking at you BIL). There are also worries today because of some things (vagueness is the peanut butter to OPSEC's jelly) going on with Swiss today and "things" always make me nervous. I'm feeling distinctly gun-shy of the news today and that makes my internet surfing difficult.

Anyway, I'm not bitching, just laying out my case to Monday. This ain't how you do it... you know, for future reference. Mmmkay?

Oh, and before I forget... here is a site y'all should check out, not just because the name is cool: Burn My Biscuits. It's Amy from Alternative Army Wife and she is embarking on her new non-Army life... hence the new blog. Go check it out and be inspired not only by her story and kick ass outlook on life, but by her awesome information and take on getting healthy and working out. Way to go Lady! Congrats!!!


Jenny said...

Your Monday sounds like my Saturday: CRAP-TACULAR!

Just go down to the basement and sit in front of your Scheider shrine, and all will be well. ;)

Tucker said...

Ah yes, the Scheider Shrine. That always makes everything better, doesn't it? (And don't lie to me, I know you have one too!!!)

Hope you are having a better Monday than your Saturday Dear! :)

Amy said...

aw, thanks Tucker. I was a tad worried about the name, but I'm super glad you like it!