30 June 2009

The newish gig. Sorta.

So most of you already know that I am trying to start up a photography business... yeah, I know, me and everyone else. But I am hoping that this is something I can do for actual money and still get to flex my creative muscles, espeically when we are down at Fort X and I will be gainfully UNemployed. The plan? Family, baby and senior portraits. I love weddings, but don't want to go that route just yet... no real good reason other than I like my weekends to myself. Selfish Only Child Alert!!!

So the first gig is on Thursday, it is for a good friend at work and her beautiful family. I'm only charging, so far, for a sitting and time spent editing. No printing, they will just get a DVD with the photos (or CD if it is small enough) and they can choose their own images. At least that is the plan for now. But I digress.

The real issue at hand is this: What the heck do I call this thing?

I know I have asked this, sort of, before... but here are some options I am mulling around... I need your input. Which one sounds sufficiently creative and quirky without sounding flighty or dumb/nonsensical?

Here are my thoughts so far: (mind you, most of these came from song names, poems, etc... and the Studios/Photography part is interchangeable in all cases)

Lovebird Studio

Goodnight Elisabeth Studio

Blackbird Photography

Violet Hill Studio

Lost & Found Photography

What do y'all think? Ideas? Thoughts? Favorites? Let me know what you think folks, because apparently I am incapable of making decisions!


Post Tenebras Lux said...

I vote Blackbird Photography. Just catches my fancy. . . .

Jennifer said...

#1 Blackbird Photography
#2 Violet Hill Studio

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

all about blackbird.

Jenny said...

I vote for Violet Hill Studios.

I Googled, and there's quite a few "Blackbird Photography"s out there already.

Tucker said...

Thanks for doing my ReCon for me Jenny! I like Violet Hill too! :)

The Army Wife said...

Hmmm ... you're inspired me. But I like Blackbird, Violet Hill and Lovebird.

Crap ... now I need to come up with some of my own names!

Bree said...

Violet Hill Studio

It's the first one that caught my eye & seemed a step ahead of the rest :o) & it looks like I'm not the only one lol!

Smiles said...

Lovebird Studio = sounds a little sappy. Might work for a wedding photographer but can you imagine a male high school senior bragging about the fabulous photos he got from Lovebird?

Goodnight Elisabeth Studio = too difficult to spell if people are looking for you on the internet.

Blackbird Photography = catchy & versatile. My favorite.

Violet Hill Studio = sounds good but I don't know if this refers to a local geography point or not. If so, and you move, will you be able to take the name with you? Or will it not make sense in a new location and you'll have to start over?

Lost & Found Photography = to me the lost and found of any store is the grungy unwanted leftovers. I don't think that is the image you want to convey to people.

Things to consider:

1 - make it easy for people to spell. It makes it easier for them to find you in searches and to refer you to others.

2 - make sure there isn't another business in your area with a similar name. You don't want to end up with Blackbird if that's also the name of the smutty book store in town or some other less than desirable product association. You don't want nay one else's bad reputation hurting yours.

3 - Is it portable for the on-the-go military spouse?

4 - If you are focusing on Senior portraits you want something that will appeal to guys as well as gals.

Another option is to just use your name. I used Alison Jensen Photography for my wedding. She is a relative of a friend and was just starting her from home studio like you are doing. Using your name gives the business a little clout in that you are staking your name and reputation on it and are proud to stand behind it. It also keeps it simple for customers as they don't have to remember your name and the company name as they are one and the same. Her website is: http://www.alisonjensen.com/index2.php Maybe it can give you some ideas of pricing, advertising, poses, etc. She is in the Seattle area but might be able to share ideas with you.

kimba said...

Blackbird = Beatles. Never a bad ting.

I've owned two restaurants, and I'll tell ya, in my experience the most important thing about a name isn't whether you like it, necessarily, but whether it's easy to pronounce, easy to remember, and easy to say on the phone without constantly spelling it. Also - something that won't make people constantly ask "What does it mean?" Trust me, that gets old.

Also, as some have suggested, do your research. I nearly named a business the same name as an apparently famous, old-school porn movie. Thankfully someone tipped me off before I made it official :-)