03 June 2009

FRGing goodness.

Seriously, we got a new FRG leader this month and can I just say that the turn around in attitude, information, timeliness, communication, everything has been AMAZING! I feel so, "Ooooohhhhhhh, this is what a FRG is supposed to be like!" It is awesome.

I have been a POC (Point of Contact) for our unit since they deployed, all I ever had were phone numbers and magically now I have e-mail addy's too! And the two ladies I was never able to contact? Yep, they are alive a kicking with apparently new contact information. MAGIC I tell you! She is so stinking organized and friendly and quick on replies and gosh-darned HELPFUL. I heart her. Plus she has the same name as me and spells it all funny too... we get all sorts of confused when we read e-mails now. Lame, I know, but still, it is cool.

And I don't want to dis on our past FRG leader... she was a super sweet lady, but man, she has 6 kids under the age of 10 so I have NO idea why she or anyone else thought she would be able to do this job well. I would say that she is a scatterbrain, but hey, 6 kids that age would make me scatterbrained too! At least she tried, right?

But yeah, I am super stoked about the new FRG leader, that ours is actually functioning the way it should be, and that someone is taking the time to do it right. Maybe it feels extra important to me since it is my only tie to the unit and post since I am living so far away, but yeah, I am pumped! And I am actually excited to be participating and be a POC and a part of this giant Army machine. Don't worry though, I only took a sip or two of the Kool-Aid, I am sure it will wear off soon! ;)


Bette said...

Excellent news! Sometimes I think people don't realize what it's like to be geographically far away from what's going on, so I'm glad to see this working well for you.

Anonymous said...

Good, good, good!

liberal army wife said...

It's good to have a functioning FRG. I think it is... I've never had one. Maybe next time?


loquita said...

I think the higher-ups need to realize that a strong flow of info is the number one thing that helps keep the families calm during deployment. I've never experienced FRG (Key Volunteers for us Marine wives) zen, but I'm happy to hear that you are! :)

Tucker said...

You are spot on Loquita... it is all about the information and the contact and feeling like you actually sort of know what is going on. I hope you find Key Volunteer zen soon! :)