18 August 2009

And there goes my productivity.

Finally! A no bitching post!!! I will keep this short, but starting on Wednesday I will no longer be as productive as I once was. Why? Because Top Chef starts on Wednesday and Project Runway (!!!!) starts again on Thursday. SO stinking excited! Yes, I do get this excited about these two reality shows. I've been a goner for a long, long time...

I'm just bummed Swiss won't be here to watch and squirm (literally) through every week's Quick Fires and painful eliminations on Top Chef (this is totally how last season went, with me watching it and Swiss pacing in the hallway during the suspenseful parts, or just ignoring it all together until I told him who won- Combat Tested or not, the man does NOT like suspense!). And I'm bummed that I won't be able to force him to sit and watch all the drama and ridiculousness and flamboyance that Project Runway made famous. Le sigh.

But hey, I can think of no better way to spend nights sans Swiss... a little wine, a little drama, and some awesome TV. Yes, this is the life of a deployed spouse... jealous aren't you???


Ash said...

hard to be jealous when I am the same way! ;) my hubby watches crap reality TV with me when he's home. over R&R I converted him to a new show-- Dance Your Ass Off. it's on the list with Top Model and Clean House. we don't tell his friends. :)

J.L.S. said...

Hahaha I'm the same way. I've definitely added some new TV addictions to hubby's list. Namely, the Bachelor/Bachelorette and Big Brother. He gets so into it and starts cracking up when all the drama starts up. It makes the shows that much more entertaining for me!