20 August 2009


DC Collage, originally uploaded by Tucker&Swiss.

Okay, I know this wee blog of mine just got really photo heavy really fast. But alas, there's lots to share!

So, DC was 78 shades of awesome. The company was wonderful (LAW, Army Wife Life & Never Apart in Heart - you ladies are amazing!), the sights were fantastic and I may or may not have fallen in love with the city. And can I just say how flat out great it was to be with other MilSpouses who just get it? Who are going through the same things as me? Who just understand all the lingo, BS and STUFF that goes along with this life of ours? It was delightful.

I will write more about it all later, but heres the lowdown on the photos in the collage:
(L to R, Top to Bottom) Me and the White House, Vietnam War Memorial, Statue at the Vietnam War Memorial, Arlington National Cemetery, Lincoln Memorial, World War II Memorial, Me and Mr. Colbert in the Smithsonian American History Museum, the Changing of the Guard at Arlington National Cemetery, the Washington Monument, Me and some mighty tasty beer, the ladies on the mall, the Korean War Memorial, US Marines Memorial (aka: Iwo Jima), the National Cathedral, the Smithsonian Natural History Museum, and lastly serious on-post housing envy at Fort Belvoir.


The Army Wife said...

awesome collage, lady! Thanks for all the super awesome & wonderfully fantastic memories! YOU ARE THE BEST SNUGGLE BUDDY EVER!! haha!

Army Duck said...

So awesome that you were out with some of the other bloggy ladies and that you had such a fabbo time (fabbo? eh I'm sticking with it)