18 August 2009

Oh noes...

This, my friends, is going to cause some issues in the Tucker and Swiss household.

Swiss? Vikings fan.
Me? Packers fan.
Swiss? Favre fan (because he is under the completely delusional notion that Favre can bring a ring to Minnesota. Love you Sweetie!).
Me? Favre loather (see definition: prima donna, traitor, money-grubber, self-righteous and moron).

Part of me is glad that Swiss is in the Sandbox (Hey! I found a reason to be glad he's there and not here!) and won't have access to his parent's subscription to the NFL Network or cable in general. This way he won't have to watch the pain, suffering and losses that Favre will inflict upon his beloved Vikings. He'll just have to hear about it. I, on the other hand, will have to watch this hot mess unfold... it will be like watching my Dad cheat on my Mom. Yeah, let that visual percolate for a while.

Saddle up Viking fans... you are in for one heck of a ride, but much like the infatuated girl stalking the BMOC who is drunk at a party... he might go home with you, but he ain't gonna give you a ring and he's gonna break your heart. Have fun!!!


The Army Wife said...

I hate the Vikings, and the Packers, AND FAVRE. So, this will be bliss :)


Ash said...

more and more I feel blessed that I am a die hard DALLAS FAN!

Tucker said...


Goo. Those guys are worse than the Vikes, Packers AND Bears put together! I feel for you two, I really do. But bad football teams can happen to anyone... I suggest you look into the Colts (my personal favorite team). Peyton Manning cures all.

liberal army wife said...

AFter 20 years of the vikes - who can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory every time - Favre - go retire already!! please... please... By the way - I don't like football. at all.

silver star said...

Uh, is that dreaded season approaching? The only part of football I ever enjoyed was the marching bands and cheerleaders, the 2 parts I can't really enjoy in NFL games.

kimba said...

Why can't he just go home and enjoy his retirement? I used to respect Farve, but now I think he's a tool.

As a Redskins fan, I know what it feels like to be disappointed when some washed-up old windbag of a has-been shows up to play for your team, believe me. Enjoy yourselves, Vikings fans.