28 August 2009

On gossip, promotions and OPSEC.

So the lame part of this post is that it will be incredibly vague, therefore rendering it almost useless, all in the name of OPSEC. But I think maybe it will help me to just put it out there, no matter how evasive and non-specific it is.

There is gossip coming out of the Sandbox. Which is a new change for our unit, last time both of us heard about it first on Facebook from the FRG. OPSEC FAIL. But I digress. Near as I can tell there are about 5 different iterations of said gossip. New locations, old locations, temporary locations, same locations. Change. No change. New duties, new units, old units, promotions. It is all rolling in hot and heavy... new rumors every day. Some bigger and grander than others. Some wide in scope, some small. And of course, all with about as much credibility as financial advice from Bernie Madoff.

Of course there are implications to many of these changes. Should they take place. Implications that, personally, will likely up the ante so to speak. The likelihood of any of these things coming to fruition is small... but it makes me think long and hard about so, so many things. It makes me realize how 'easy' the past few months have been, honestly, for both of us. It makes me catch my breath, breathe deep, steady myself and repeat over and over again that there is not a single thing I can do to change it. If it will be, it will be. No matter what I think of it. I have found my peace with these rumors and their implications. I have accepted it and will deal with whatever comes our way with as much grace, calmness and objectivity as I can muster.

I have faith in my husband. In his character, his skills, his abilities and the fact that he is a damned good soldier. He can handle anything that comes his way and he will do whatever task is asked of him with the benefit of years of experience and his calculating, analytical perspective that I've grown to admire and respect. All I can do is sit back, wait for word, and have faith that no matter what happens, he will do his job to the best of his ability (whatever that job may be) and do everything in his power to come home safe and sound.

I have been pretty even keel in the wake of all these rumors. I have been able to keep my head about me and see the big picture, see that I can't change anything in all of this and that all it is, as of this moment, are words being batted around like a dozen beach ball on graduation day. But it doesn't take much to chip away at the protective shell of my carefully constructed cocoon of serenity and zen. It might be a photograph (like these), a short video, a turn of a phrase in a news piece, a passing thought that lingers too long. Then the doubt and worry and fear start to seep in. Today, I am the little girl with her finger plugging the leak in the dam. So far it is working. I just pray that there are no further reasons for that leak to grow into something much bigger and much more menacing...

And please, if for some reason you think what I wrote violates OPSEC, let me know and I will take this post down. As objective as I try to be, I realize that this might come off quite differently to any number of readers, so I welcome your feedback. Thanks...


Tsoniki Crazy Bull said...

I think the most important thing is that you are able to take a deep breath and see the big picture. Rumors are the ONE thing that I despise and I can't stand it when more and more people repeat "I hear..." I don't care what you heard - I care what comes from the command or from my hubby. Sure he isn't sharing secret stuff w/ me, but he does keep me in the loop.

On a personal note, it was the worst for me when I lived next door to someone who either started or heavily passed on the rumors. I did a lot of putting out fires there. It got annoying.

Bree said...

Rumors, oh boy *sigh* There are so many of them & most of them are just that - rumors. I don't believe anything until it happens & that's really my best advice :o)

As far as OPSEC goes, we just had a Squadron FRG meeting last week with a Lt. Col. from intel who gave us a good idea of what was & wasn't acceptable. I'm a let it all fly type of girl but I'm also pretty smart lol! So it was nice to hear that as long as you aren't throwing out names, units, locations, and/or particular missions then you're good to go. I talk about things that P*ss me off but I never state names, units, etc.

I think you did an excellent job :o) & good luck with the rumors hun!

Army Duck said...

Thinking of you hun.

liberal army wife said...

OPSEC test passed - you were properly vague and didn't say diddly! way to go.

uncertainty - yeah... that's the way we (don't) function. and why we have military clauses in our rental leases!


Kanani said...

"see that I can't change anything in all of this

That's right. You have no control. None of us does. And in many ways it gives us a lot of freedom to move on to other things ... a real zen approach, to accept impermanence.

Anyway, I don't have an FRG. And maybe ....just maybe I'm lucky! Because I don't get the reports, nor am I on anyone's radar (well, maybe I am, but they haven't said anything!).

When the time comes for you to respond to a changing set of circumstances I'm 100% sure you'll do so appropriately.

Now GIT out there and kick some proverbial ass.

Slightly Salty said...

The only thing I can say is disregard anything he tells you b/c it will change 10 times. One thing I've learned in 10 years of being a Navy spouse is that anything my husband tells me about his job or schedule will be changed a million times. I basically ignore anything at this point and stay flexible in my mind. It's not easy by any means but it's necessary. Hang in there.

Post Tenebras Lux said...

Hugs to you. That even keel is hard earned, I know. I wish I could take you out for a beer or something and a chance to de-stress.