27 August 2009

Because this made me giggle.

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Outtake - Basic Training Pt. 3
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neverapartinheart said...

Its the heel click that does it! hahahahha.

Tucker said...

Yes, TOTALLY the heel click. It still makes me giggle.

Jenny said...


Meghan said...

Love the video! Also love your new heading! I just got back to technology after sending my man off on Monday for his deployment
:( Glad you are still here to keep me busy!

Kanani said...

I love that! Hey, great masthead!
I really hope Colbert will be able to go to Afghanistan one of these days. I think he was the boost that the military needed --still needs!

How's yer move shaping up?

Keiki On Board said...

hey lady i need your heeeelllllppppp with a graphics question! email me.