17 August 2009

Quickie update.

1.) DC was about 78 shades of awesome. The Ladies were fantastic, the conversations were great, the sights were amazing (photography Shangri-La), and it was a super escape from all the drama back here. Will post lots and lots of photos soon!!!

2.) A/C still doesn't work. Inspector Mark is a tool and is totally trying to take advantage of me. Which makes me one Angry Army Wife (patent pending). My Realtors agree. Now must find new HVAC guy to assess the situation. Will NOT be happy if I have to pay out of pocket for Inspector Mark's asshattery and FUBAR-ing of my A/C.

3.) Got word back from the buyer. He wants a few small things fixed, fine by me. But (biiiiig BUT), he wants me to replace the water heater. WTF dude??? Replace it? You mean the perfectly functioning, working, hot-as-hell water producing (albeit slightly vintage) water heater? Are you out of your effing mind? I SAY NO FREAKING WAY.

4.) Realtor will be telling other Realtors that we are entertaining new offers. Because this buyer? OUT OF HIS GODDAMNED MIND.

5.) 2 months till R&R. Cannot wait!

6.) Want to know why I can't get whiskey in my coffee at Starbucks. Oh sure, flavor shots till your eye bleed, but where's the stuff that will temporarily make me feel better about items 2-4? HUH???


Bree said...

If Starbucks starts offering whiskey shots then I'll be back on my horrible habit of 2 Caramel Capps a day....

YAY R&R!!!

The buyer & Inspector - what a couple of effin' punks - R tards

Ash said...

wow the house drama never ends. if you say it's a 3br w/ payments in my price range I don't CARE where it is, I'll take it off your hands and kiss your feet for it haha.

HellcatBetty said...

1) asshattery is an awesome word

2) that buyer needs to be slapped

3) that inspector needs to be slapped

4) I'm entertaining the idea of a slapping spree, you in?