09 August 2009

On Sundays and sanity.

So, good news? I am no longer paranoid or stressed or worried about the deal on the house. If you add up all the tax returns we got because of it, we easily cover the kitchen remodel AND the $1,000 out of pocket. And the peace of mind having this done is totally worth it. So, you know, SQUEE!

This weekend has been great, absolutely nothing on the schedule (other than an outing today to see Julie & Julia with some friends). I knitted, I wrote, I talked to and saw Swiss (YAY web cam dates!), drank my body weight in coffee and took Fletch to the puppy park. Apparently the puppy park is the answer to all things Fletcher. He was mellow as all get out last night, even curling up with me on the sofa which he usually doesn't do because he doesn't really
like the TV. Even better? He slept until 0815 this morning. I would have gone back to bed, but honestly, I was afraid he was dead. Nope, just plum tuckered out. Only now with 10x more energy! I think another trip to the puppy park is in order this morning... yes, God Bless the Puppy Park.

But anyway, I got to take a lot of photos of Fletch at the Park, which was awesome and I even got a bit of a tan. Oh yeah, Swiss got to see Fletch for the first time yesterday too. And it is finally acting like a true Midwestern summer here, 90+ degrees and off the charts humidity. Sweet, right?

This week brings a big presentation at work on Monday, the start of Fletcher's Obedience Classes and packing for the trip to DC... I am beyond stoked to actually meet up with some of my ladies (Army Wife, Neverapartinheart and LAW) and spend some time with a few kick ass MilSpouses. Woo hoo! Okay, I am off to drink more coffee, knit, let the dog in and out of the house 50 more times (we are SO getting a doggie door in our next house!) and hang out with some peeps later. I hope y'all have an awesome Sunday! Thanks for all your support, kind words and general awesomenss this past week! Lurve you all!


silver star said...

Sounds like your having a great weekend!

liberal army wife said...

So - I'm going to get some knitting needles - and need to have you and ArmyWife teach me again how to knit. It's been many many decades - so get ready!

Leinies in the fridge - so is GOOD Hefe Weiss..


Ash said...

yay for good days AND getting to sleep in! :) btw, I'm the same way when my son lets me sleep late, I wake up in a panic thinking something MUST be wrong.

Jennifer said...

GREAT shots of Fletcher. That is one happy pup.
That in and out of the house 50 times in a day thing ~ we call that innieoutieitis.