28 January 2009

All over the map.

That is what I am. All over the map.

The emotional roller coaster is in full effect with D-Day looming, nee breathing down our necks. One minute I am fine, the next I am fighting to hold back tears. One minute I am laughing and living up every last minute to the fullest, the next I can't stop the tears and they begin rolling down big, fat trails across my face. I know I blogged about this before... only now it is on steroids.

I know there is no rhyme or reason to this. I know there is no norm... nor is there a right or wrong. But I wish I could get a grip. Anyway, we are getting closer to being able to count down and get this par-tay started. So, wish us luck, wish me a wee bit of grace, and wish for Swiss a safe journey and safer tour.


liberal army wife said...

don't try to control or get a grip. it is what it is and how you feel is just that, how you feel.

Swiss, take care, helmet on, ass down. We'll be here for her, when the civilians drive her nuts and the days drag by, she can call and someone will understand.

Be safe, both of you.


Bette said...

You'll get a grip eventually. Doesn't have to be now, or three days from now, or three weeks for now.

I'm wishing you everything you need, plus a little extra. And to Swiss, Godspeed.

kimba said...

Please give J's and my good wishes to Swiss! We'll be thinking of him.

And for you: try not to hang any expectations on yourself so far as how you'll cope or how you'll feel. There is no "normal". Just try to take a lot of deep breaths and get through this in whatever way works for you.


slightly salty said...

All I can say is welcome to the life of a milspouse. What you are going through is completely NORMAL - we all feel like this around deployments. Just hang in there and take care of yourself. Prayers for a safe deployment and return for Swiss.

LopsidedMom said...

Your honesty is your grace, my dear.
You will both be in our thoughts, always.

(And my word verification, seriously, is "unpoo"...so you both have that going for you. ;) )

Tucker said...

Thank you all. Thank you for the support and well wishes and for caring about us, even though you don't know us. It means the world to me (Swiss too), really.

And unpoo makes me giggle, I needed that!