16 January 2009


First off, I have to say that the word "holiday" makes me think of Madonna, which takes me straight to Adam Sandler singing Madonna's song in the saddest, most woeful, funniest way ever in the Wedding Singer. So now I have that stuck in my head.

But I digress. As you all know it is a military 4-day weekend and Swiss doesn't have to work ANY of it. Lucky me! :) So, I am signing off for a few days of blissful togetherness. Have a stellar weekend internets and catch you on the flip-side!


liberal army wife said...

wish you could be at the party on Monday up here... but we'll get together sometime.

have a great weekend!


The Army Wife said...

I love how I work for an Army Contractor, but hate how I still don't get a four day weekend. Not even a three day weekend! BOO! :)

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!