26 January 2009


Okay. Enough Army stuff. I am boycotting the Army-Deployment-Suck-Embracing stuff for just a bit today. You will see why.

In the course of the last 24 hours these things have happened here at the Tucker & Swiss homestead:

I overfilled the sink, resulting in a foamy mess in the kitchen (note: I honestly have never done this before.) Nice, right?

It got cold, foggy and misty outside, which sucks, but makes for pretty pictures. This is our backyard... it is home to about 100 vultures. I know, I know. You are totally jealous.

Swiss and I bought a truly gross bottle of wine, Rieslings are supposed to be light and sweet, not a replacement for household cleaners. And doesn't it make you mad when you spend money on something that tastes like swill? From now on I will only let Swiss buy the wine. He has waaaay better luck than me.

We also went fossil hunting near our on post housing and found all of these... those top two are bigger than my fist! I like fossils. It made me feel like a kid again, and I needed that.

And lastly, when it was still warm out, I got this picture of a moth with my new telephoto lens. Sweet.

The end.


slightly salty said...

If you like Rieslings, try Chateau St. Michelle Johannesburg Riesling. It's one of our favorites, although we are big red wine drinkers. Or stick to German Rieslings. :)

Linda said...

LOVE the fossils!

I suggest Relax Reisling, or anything GERMAN from the Class 6 store....try a Rhinehessen, too...or an Auslese or Spatlese, they're all good, and if the label is German, you're bound to get good wine.