15 January 2009

Trooper for a day.

Have any of you ladies participated in a "Trooper for a Day" event? Swiss's division held one last Saturday and I did it. I even earned my very own spurs. Sweet.

Other than being insanely cold and windy, we had fun and got to do PT, camo up our faces (thank you for the breakout), then throw some grenades, fire off some M4's, clear rooms and medevac out some dummies... and get reeeeeel close to a helicopter. It was pretty fun and I was so totally sore the next day (confirming that I really, really need to get back to the gym).

Tucker & Swiss


liberal army wife said...

well.. looks like a lot of fun. but no, I've never done it. He's MI... hell, I've never seen his desk or his office. I didn't even see his promotion ceremony from the Sand - it was in a secure area.... I'd love to play army too!


Bette said...

That does look like fun! I've shot an M4, but have not been allowed anywhere near a grenade. I wanna toss a grenade!

Butterfly Wife said...

It does look like fun. I'm admittedly a tad jealous. Way cool fun!!!

Tucker said...

Swiss and I like to say that, so far, this is the only good thing his Division has done so far. That is so sad... but it was a great time!