08 January 2009

Planning for a probably.

So our plan, during this deployment, is for Swiss to put in his retirement papers. (WOOO HOOO!) Which means that upon his return, we will have about 8 months left and then can skip off into the land of puppies and rainbows hand-in-hand with nary a care in the world.

Only we won't have a place to live or jobs yet. Details! Details!

Anyone who knows me in real life is aware of the fact that I am a planner. Don't get me wrong, I can be whimsical and spontaneous, it just doesn't usually play out that way. Gaw, that makes me sounds stuffy! Anyway, Swiss and I have been doing reconnaissance on where to retire, what jobs we are going to have, buy a house or build one and so on. Sometimes we just snoop around on real estate web sites looking for what is out there... I did some of that this morning, it was fun and interesting and exciting to plan and think about our future. And then Swiss came in with the paperwork for his will and handing over power of attorney. Buzz Kill.

I think that, sometimes, planning for the future like that can be an escape. It can be a little umbrella shielding you from reality for a bit, allowing you to live in a world where he has come home from the deployment safe and sound, his retirement was approved, and he wasn't stop-lossed. A place where happily ever after really does happen (and isn't Disney).

And other times it can feel like a taunt. Like a carrot being dangled in front of you, hopelessly out of reach. You know where you want to go, but you aren't sure if you are going to get there, or God forbid, you will get there alone. This morning, after the buzz kill, the website was still up on the computer and it left such a sour taste in my mouth, looking at the homes and land way out west. This morning it felt like a taunt.

Anyway, I have faith that our happily ever after will arrive right on schedule, just as planned. I don't think there is any other way to do it, honestly. But those are my 2 cents on planning. At least as it stands today...


kimba said...

I used to work in estate planning, so I'm sort of used to stuff like wills/trusts/DPAs, etc. Obviously, outside of the context of a deployment, it's different, but really, it's a smart bit of business to attend to regardless. Maybe it would help to try to think of it as something you did because you just got married - a big change in legal status, after all - rather than something you did due to an impending deployment. Newly married couples came into our office to get their estate planning updated all the time.

Does that help at all?

As for the regular old planning, I'm with you. Not being able to do it drives me nuts.

liberal army wife said...

getting that paperwork done is just part of life, even without deployment. I have seen such a mess ensue when someone refuses to do it.. and then there's an accident.. and the family is left with an enormous mess.

and if you are looking for a house with 10 acres in central MN... let me know!


Tucker said...

Yes, that helps. And I KNOW it is something we needed to do, and now it is done and all can be forgotten. And God willing we won't need any of it.

Oh, and LAW, you'll be the first one I call if we decide to stay in MN! ;)