14 January 2009

Project 365/52.

This is my attempt at diversionary tactics. If I think about other stuff, I won't think about Army/deployment stuff. I'm doing better today after a couple of crying jags and palpable frustration through last night. Thanks for your support everyone- You ROCK!

Aaah... 365. I hate that number because, actually it is a really long time when you count it in days. But I've got a project/idea that Swiss and I may or may not successfully complete, but I'm hoping this project will give us a better opinion of said number.

This project isn't anything new... flickr is chock full of Project 365 tags (by the way, Photojojo is awesome... if you like taking photos at all go check them out). And in case you haven't heard of it, the premise is simple: document every day of a year with a photograph. There are no subject requirements, just that you take a photograph a day for a year.

So that is what I am going to do... and Swiss is going to do the abbreviated version of one photo a week when he is over in the Sandbox. The plan is that when he comes back we will put them together in a schmancy book that could be, actually, really cool. I'm kind of geeked about how cool it might be.

Anyway, this will start soon. Probably shortly after he deploys, so be ready for more photos on the site, aren't you lucky! I'm thinking I will compile a week's worth of photos in one post, and then if Swiss ever finds his way to a computer out in the middle of nowhere he can see them all in one fell swoop.

So let me ask you ladies this: what are you gals doing (or what have you done in the past) to document the time apart? I'd love to hear what y'all have done!

Thanks again for all of your support yesterday- you have no idea how much it helped! :)


slightly salty said...

This is shameful to even say b/c I'm a scrapbooker but I never really did anything anything to document our time apart during deployments. Now I did start, and I emphasize "start" a scrapbook 6 years ago for our first deployment and didn't make it past the first few pages. I have every intention of completing that book as I have a lot of the mementos, notes, and pics that I want to put in it, it's just a matter of doing it. But I never did anything like a project 365, even when he was gone for a year last year. We did send pics to each other constantly b/c he had a steady internet connection at work and we did write letters, etc. but nothing more.

I think what you are doing is a great idea to distract yourself, just don't watch the calendar b/c it will drive you mad.

Stay busy as much as you can. I didn't have a hard time with that oddly enough b/c I work full-time, plus had two large dogs and a house to manage and that took up a lot of my time. Even my weekends were busy. When I did have free time, I scrapbooked, read, crocheted and did other hobby type stuff. I also tried to tackle some small home projects like painting rooms and organizing stuff and that kept me out of trouble.

That's the best advice I can offer to take your focus away from the fact that he isn't there with you.

LopsidedMom said...

We both blogged (see www.39a-okiwi@blogspot.com for a picture a day...he had to stop once he got there b/c internet access was spotty and slow, so he has been catching up lately...)...my husband made videos with tours of his live/work space for the kids (very funny to see Daddy reading books with a sidearm...) and we all had paper chains with loving words that we took apart every week...

liberal army wife said...

I worked full time, and had the RHBSC ladies to keep me busy. Plus a 1 1/2 hour commute one way to work, a dog, a cat, crochet projects and I baked every Sunday for 5 people/packed/mailed 24 dozen cookies... Here, my commute is shorter - and I only have the cat. But, I'm volunteering with a cat shelter (that's one evening a week and sunday afternoons) and two websites, and a couple of crochet projects. I'm hoping for lots of things to keep me busy.

Your project sounds like a lot of fun... since the DH is a photographer, I'd love to ask him to do it. But he did already say he probably wouldn't be taking a lot of pics, he didn't last time either.

We did IM every night, he had connectivity in his hootch and was alone - it was 4:30 am his time, and we'd just talk, with our webcams on when they were working and IM. The nights it didn't work - were crappy.


The Army Wife said...

this sounds like a good project ... one that I myself may take on. I have a flickr account but never really use it ... this is good.

As for documenting the time apart, I speak with the hubs at least once a day, sometimes more so he knew/knows just about everything that is going on. I have done some mini scrapbooks before, and I do try to just send him as many photo's as possible ... this will be a way to continue doing that. Yay!