09 January 2009

Did you know.

Did you know that Swiss's unit doesn't actually know what Swiss is going to be doing during the deployment? Did you know that they don't actually know where they are going to be after the half-way mark of their tour?

Did you know that this makes me insane?

I mean, there are so many things we just can't know, things that aren't meant for us to know, or things that aren't planned. I get that. But is it too much to ask that one would have a generally concept of what her husband will be doing once deployed? Like, will it be dangerous? Or will it be a desk job? Will he be outside the wire much? Will he be at a FOB that has phones? Will he be staying in-country after the half way point or will he be completely relocated, if you know what I mean? Seriously. How do you just not know when we are so close?

Vent over... for now.


slightly salty said...

I can't imagine how unsettling that is to have that much up in the air about his deployment. When Obi-Wan went to Iraq, he knew it was a desk job but didn't know much beyond that as to what he'd be doing or how often he'd leave the base and go outside the wire. He didn't find out much of anything until he got over there. Unfortunately, the military is all about keeping people guessing b/c it's not like people want to plan or anything (said with loads of sarcasm). Hang in there.

Tucker said...

Thanks! I think the odds, right now, are high that it will be a desk-ish job since that is what he is doing now... but one never knows!

LopsidedMom said...

We thought we knew where he was going and what he was doing, but it changed the week before he left and changed three times while he was in country. It's just a big ol' lesson in letting go...

liberal army wife said...

this, my dear, is what passes for normal... I have the same problem - I am a planner - which isn't working with all the insanity that the army has decided to hand us.


Sis B said...

yep, "it's just a big ol' lesson in letting go". our unit didn't have a mission until they were in country for a month. and the unit is "planning" for a 12 month deployment, but our orders still say 15. so in my head, it's 15, even though everyone is talking about how "soon" they'll be back.

it's maddening, really.

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