20 January 2009

Nothing to say.

I am out of things to say right now.
Time is short and so are tempers.
I am not a soldier and I am tired of being expected to act like one.

Emotions are running high and I just don't have it in me to write about it. I am drained right now. I promise to write more when the tanks are full again.

For now, this is Tucker signing off.

PS: Swiss brought me flowers when he came home from lunch. Swoon. This afternoon has been better... this morning was awful rough. Thanks for the support ladies.

(PPS: This is a big day for our country... regardless of how you voted, I hope you wish only the best for this administration because their success means success for us and for this great place we proudly call home. Make the changes in yourself and we can all start down a new and better path. Sis B said it best. Enjoy this historic day everyone...)


Bette said...

Oh, honey. I've been there -- I think we all have -- but telling you that this is normal is really no comfort. It will get better, though.

Thinking of you.

kimba said...

I'm here for you, and I know exactly what you mean.

Tucker said...

Thanks ladies. You guys are the best.

LopsidedMom said...

*hugs* to you and Swiss.

liberal army wife said...

Yeah - we aren't the ones wearing the uniform and it gets tough being told to suck it up... and that we can handle the load. Somedays, we can't. And on those days that we can't, we call our family - the ones that do "get it"... We'll take the load for a while, until you can catch your breath and reload those tanks.

Sissy has my phone numbers - call me if you need me - any time, ok? The only time I won't answer - if the DH is on the other line!


Tucker said...

Thanks LAW. I will surely take you up on that offer. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Butterfly Wife said...

We get it. I mean, we really get it. Do what you need and take care of yourself.