09 July 2009

Hardcore history.

Okay, this will likely seem like it is coming out of left field, so bear with me. I love history. Despite my penchant for all things creative and scientific, I am a closeted history buff. I read histories and 'historical fictions' for fun, I love historically based movies of any and all sort, and I am in love with a history podcast: Dan Carlin's Hardcore History.

Dan Carlin isn't a historian. But he is a creative thinker, a great speaker, and an awesome story teller. He made the Punic Wars exciting and fascinating for crying out loud. Really! The Punic Wars... do you even remember learning about it in school? Anyway, he does most of his podcast with a story teller vibe, which I think is the best part. He tries to tell the stories from the viewpoints of the people who lived through it, not as a cold, unfeeling outsider. Which makes these tales completely engaging... so yeah, if you are down with history and dig podcasts (FYI, they are great for driving/road trips) go download some of his podcasty goodness!

Go check out the archives... the topics are both varied and extensive... and awesome! NERD ALERT! (And if you need/want recommendations from this nerd, I particularly like the ones about the Plague (Bubonic Nukes), the first Blitz episode (History Under the Influence) and the Punic Nightmare series 1-3). Fascinating stuff I tell you!

Okay, this PSA is now over. Proceed with your day!


liberal army wife said...

yay! another history buff! British history is my fave. check out the BBC history magazine pod cast.


Slightly Salty said...

Thanks for posting. I may check that out b/c I'm a history buff as well. I came two credits short of minoring in it in college.