16 July 2009


This story puts my PCS woes into sharp focus, it makes me thankful that I have a PCS to look forward to with my husband, it makes me remember that they are all in danger regardless of what the news tells us, and it makes my heart break. It will make you cry. It will make you grateful for all that you have. It will make all of your own issues seem tiny in comparison. It will help us all remember.

And this story will help the memory and life of Lt. Brian Bradshaw live on, with honor, dignity and grace.

It is good to know that, while the rest of the world was more concerned with the life and death of a pop star, our armed forces were focused on a man that mattered, a man that made a difference, and a man who made this world a better place. Whether the masses knew him or not.

Rest in Peace Lt. Brian Bradshaw. We won't forget you.

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